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the-day.jpgA new film that will be present this Sept, the movie with the title of The Day. studios is required to watch and you can also Download The Day movie.

“The Day,” a post-apocalyptic thriller from Douglas Aarniokoski, is a pretty grim trek for most of its 84 minutes. But towards the end, you might find yourself thinking, “Well, this could have been worse.” And you’ll mean it as a compliment.

Whether it comes from laziness or the requirements of a nominal budget, there is something intriguing about Aarniokoski’s ultra-minimalist approach. Dispensing with frivolities like back story, extensive sets or effects, he and writer Luke Passmore give us five undernourished, overwhelmed friends fleeing from ... something.

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Eventually, we surmise that these straggling survivors, including Rick (Dominic Monaghan), Adam (Shawn Ashmore) and Mary (Ashley Bell), are among the few humans left after planetary catastrophe. The only other people around, it seems, are amoral cannibals who must be avoided at all costs.
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Henson (Cory Hardrict) and Shannon (Shannyn Sossamon) suggest a deserted house might offer much-needed shelter, but it soon becomes clear that the building will be the site of a final stand. And when Mary’s secret is exposed, it will either rend the small group further, or bring them together just in time.

There’s not much that can be said for the meager plot, or the tedious, unimaginative violence it inspires. What can be praised, however, is the cast, which elevates the film just beyond straight-to-DVD quality.

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Most interesting is the petite, intense Bell, who convincingly defends herself and her team against men twice her size. Aarniokoski’s daring choice to make her the movie’s toughest hero is, ultimately, what saves “The Day.”