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The fastest growing trend in prostitution is the exploitation of children. Branded offers a look at the perverse and often violent underworld of these girls in bondage.

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Although pimps face a class 2 felony in Phoenix, greed often compels men to groom young women for prostitution. Pimps often use subtle manipulation to coerce young ladies into a life of selling themselves on the street. One police officer claims that in any given month in Phoenix there has been a pimp at every area mall or night club looking for their next victim. Taking advantage of girls in vulnerable states of mind, pimps groom them through flattery, the promise of love, the promise of money, etc. Most of these pimps are under 25 years old.

A child prostitute is likely to work every day of the year, giving 100% of their earnings to their pimp. Their world is one of deep loneliness and unthinkable violence. Girls service anywhere from 100 to 1500 clients a year. A girl “working a track” is in danger not only from the johns (men purchasing sexual favors), but from the pimps as well. Women in this lifestyle are often stabbed, choked, raped, and even “branded” with homemade branding irons—a mark of ownership. Anxiety, insomnia, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are common problems. Police who arrest these women describe how hungry and abused they are—their zombie-like state is evidence of being so emotionally harmed that they believe selling themselves for sex is the only life they can live anymore.

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The film shatters common misconceptions about a life of prostitution. Unlike the message that Hollywood conveys, prostitution is not glamorous. Thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds do not make “educated” decisions to become prostitutes. Most do not engage in prostitution in order to support a drug habit. Child prostitutes are not likely to come from any specific socio-economic class or ethnicity.