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Download For a Good Time Call Movie 2012!~

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The most adorably filthy movie you may ever see, “For a Good Time, Call…” marks a promising feature debut for acclaimed short-film director Jamie Travis and writers Katie Anne Naylon and Lauren Miller.

Miller also stars as the on-screen Lauren, a twentysomething New Yorker left homeless and bereft when her fiancé coldly dumps her. As it happens, her college enemy Katie (Ari Graynor) needs a roommate, so their mutual BFF Jesse (Justin Long) arranges a détente.

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Since Lauren is as uptight as Katie is irresponsible, neither plans to live together for long. The hostility only increases when Lauren discovers that Katie earns her living as a phone-sex operator. But bills must be paid, so Lauren eventually embraces the financial opportunities that Katie’s verbal skills allow.

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Soon enough, these mismatched business partners are shocked to find themselves actually starting to appreciate each other.

Graynor has an old-fashioned brassiness that can work for her (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) or against her (“Lucky”). Here she’s been perfectly cast, in a defining role likely to boost her loyal fan base. She and Miller embrace the movie’s sitcom-ish broad sensibility with so much enthusiasm, they charm through sheer force of will.

Though there are times when the script seems to strain for shock value, few viewers are likely to be surprised by pretty girls talking dirty. (Those who are should probably skip the movie and dig up the first season of “Sex and the City” instead.)

For a Good Time Call Movie Download

So it’s a good thing that everyone involved has her eye on the real prize: friendship. As with “Bridesmaids,” its obvious inspiration, this movie succeeds by emphasizing heart over humor.

Teetering in sky-high heels along a shaky line between sweet and sexy, Lauren and Katie aren’t out to change the world. But that’s okay. It’s enough that they know how to show us a good time.