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The first thing comic Mike Birbiglia tells us in “Sleepwalk With Me,” an adaptation of his one-man stage show, is that everything we’re about to see actually occurred.

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Indeed, his tale feels so believable that it could have happened to you or your brother or your best friend. That level of low-key familiarity doesn’t exactly make for the most exciting experience. But it does make the movie easy to like.

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While “likable” may be the word that best describes Birbiglia as a comedian and raconteur, there are parts of this story in which he works hard — too hard — to make us hate him.

His onscreen alter ego is Matt Pandamiglio, an aspiring comedian who lives in Brooklyn with his saintly girlfriend, Abby (Lauren Ambrose). She tries not to pressure him about anything, but after eight years of dating, friends and family (including James Rebhorn and Carol Kane as his parents) feel perfectly entitled to air their opinions.

Matt’s response to this uninvited stress is threefold: He reluctantly proposes, he begins sleepwalking and he quits his bartender job to go on the road. So while Abby is at home planning a wedding, her exhausted fiancé is halfway across the country telling jokes about divorce in empty dive bars.

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Birbiglia is a great storyteller, but not a natural actor. Matt should really be played by someone with more skill — and by someone in his 20s, rather than a 33-year-old who pretends to be in his 20s by acting as clueless as possible.

But the screenplay — co-written by “This American Life’ host Ira Glass — meanders in appealing fashion, like a saga you’d share with a friend over drinks. Birbiglia and co-director Seth Barrish make nice use of their leafy Park Slope locale, setting most scenes in neighborhood hangouts. And they offer an insider’s look at a comic’s life, with cameos from friends like Hannibal Buress and Marc Maron.

Most of all, they tap into fears that everyone faces, but that few genuinely master. Birbiglia’s gift, really, is one of reassurance. It’s nice to know that we can fail spectacularly and still be okay.